Our Products

The Augusta plant is the largest one in Italy and it’s strategic for the production activities of the group. The presence of different chemical plants allows us to have a wide range of products with different properties. Thanks to kerosene and our extraction unit, the Augusta plant produces a fundamental component for the entire production chain, n-paraffins.

The Sarroch plant, also makes a fundamental contribution to the production of n-paraffins.

At the same time, de-paraffined kerosene (jet-fuel) finds immediate application in the field of aviation fuels.

The Terranova plant is the last link in the Sasol production chain: in fact, about 70% of the raw materials come from other production sites. Here, we produce surfactants and esters used for different application, such as household cleaning, personal hygiene, intermediates for the treatment of leathers and fabrics, inks, paints, paper processing, cements, tires.

Although the main focus of Sasol Italy is Detergency, for many years we have also been active in other sectors defined as "differentiated" such as Metalworking & Lubrication (MWL), Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Agrochemicals, Inks Paint and Coatings (IPC) and Industrial Applications. For each of these application sectors, we have dedicated resources and ongoing growth projects.