Lavorare per Sasol

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our shared value of Integrity and Respect commits us to always do what is right and to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct in our interactions with each other. This Code of Conduct provides clarity on our commitment to integrity and ethical behaviour between Sasol and its current and prospective Suppliers and vice versa.

Sasol is honest and truthful in everything we do. Sasol rejects all forms of dishonesty and has a policy of zero tolerance of illegal or dishonest conduct, irrespective of whether the consequences are big or small.  

Sasol reserves the right to decide which entities to do business with and Sasol will only do business with companies or institutions that have integrity and that ascribe to similar values and ethics as Sasol.

Sasol’s Suppliers play a critically important role in Sasol’s ability to operate and provide products and services to its customers. Sasol can only achieve its objectives through the support of trusted Suppliers and Service Providers, which require the highest professional and personal ethics in our relationships with each other.

Sasol strives to develop relationships with current and prospective Suppliers that share similar values and that conduct business in a manner consistent with Sasol’s Code of Conduct and Sasol shared values.