Lavorare per Sasol

Code of Conduct

At Sasol, we are connected by behaviours that help us establish and maintain trusted business relationships, whether we are out on a project; construction site; managing a retail forecourt; working in a distribution warehouse; providing operational support within a chemicals facility or refinery; or based in one of our global corporate offices.

The word “behaviour” is key: we have deliberately shifted away from a code of ethics to a code of conduct, because conduct is about how we act in a variety of situations and is integral to Sasol’s values and our aspirational culture.

Through our actions, we uphold Sasol’s reputation and ensure its long-term success. It’s what we do when we interact with and represent Sasol to our colleagues, customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners, regulators, governments and communities. We help shape their impression of us as individuals and create a positive perception of our company.

Before we ask, “how should we behave?” we should ask “what do we value?”, because our actions are always consequences of what’s most important to us.

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